Free Download Yakeen Ka Safar Novel bu Farhat Ishtiaq

Free Download Yakeen Ka Safar Novel bu Farhat Ishtiaq

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The novel begins with three separate stories that eventually intertwine. Noori is an Islamabad rural girl who is gang-raped by Jehangir Singh, the son of a wealthy politician. Her parents threaten to kill the accused if they make a police report against them. With everyone in the hamlet blaming her, Noori flees her home in an attempt to exact vengeance.
Noori is discovered by a woman working for an NGO, who sends her to Karachi to find a lawyer. They speak with Dhaniyal Ali Khan, a lawyer who tries his hardest to contest the case but is killed by the politician. They portray his death as a suicide.

The second narrative is about Dhaniyal’s brother, Asfandyar Ali Khan. When Asfandyar learned of his brother’s death, he was already engaged to a woman. They call off the wedding, and he travels to another country to further his education. He returns and establishes a hospital. Zubia, a woman who lost her mother due to her father, is the subject of the third story. Rehan and Sheema, her brother and wife, were powerless to stop it. Due to a lack of love at home, she sought it out with a stranger. He tries to drug her when she elopes with him. She is able to flee and return home, but her brother, sister-in-law, and father make her life unbearable.

A few days before her father died, he realized his errors and encouraged Zubia to pursue a career in medicine. She completes it and obtains employment in Asfandyar’s hospital. She keeps her family and past hidden from the rest of the group. Zubia and Asfandyar have been at odds since the beginning. He is referred to as ‘Hitler’ by her. Their romance blossoms over time, and they eventually fall in love. When he proposes to her, she rejects him, believing she is unworthy of a man like him. Her rehabilitated brother comes looking for her soon after, and she flees the hospital, fearful that the people there might know about her past. Crippled by the pain of rejecting the guy she loved and the fear of her past getting uncovered, she decides to jump off a bridge. Asfandyar sees her standing on the bridge, but she jumps off it before he could reach her. He rescues her and promises her that he doesn’t care about her past. He says that he loves her for who she is and is willing to marry her. The novel ends with them getting married.

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