Free Download Jannat Kay Pattay Novel by Nemrah Ahmad

Free Download Jannat Kay Pattay Novel by Nemrah Ahmad

Pdf Download Jannat kay Pattay Novel By Nemrah Ahmad. Free Download Religious Urdu Novels online. Free Download Nemrah Ahmad Novels From Entertainment Land.

Haya Suleman and Jehan Sikandar are the two main characters in the novel. One-half of the story is around the concept of “Hijaab” and how a single verse of the Quran has the potential to change Haya’s life forever. The main theme of this work was the transition of a modern girl (Haya) into a Naqabi girl. On the other hand, the story recounts the lives of a spy named Cihan Sikandar, as well as the hard and harsh demands of his job.
Haya (modern Girl) and Rohail are Mr. Suleman’s children. Haya has been selected for a scholarship to study in Turkey for roughly five months, while Rohail has been studying in the United States. Haya’s main motivation for applying for this scholarship is Cihan because of their childhood Nikah. She accidentally meets Major Ahmad who helps her a lot.

Haya goes to Turkey and is confused by the unusual behavior of Cihan Sikandar. Her dear friend passes away due to her illness and Haya gets depressed because of her friend’s sudden death. She goes to Pakistan to attend her Friend’s funeral with Cihan and notice some pleasant changes in Cihan. A wooden mysterious box is transferred to her by her old acquaintance pinky. She goes back to Turkey and is kidnapped by a group of human traffickers. Abdul-Rehman Pasha, a Mafia boss, saved her life and took her to Beyouk Ada where she meet two lovely girls Ayshe and Bahare gul. These incidents put a great impact on her and her personality starts to change gradually. She experiences many things and decides to put on Veil permanently. One Ayat changes her life. She suffered so much due to her Hijab but she become resolute in her decision. After lots of effort, she could open that Mysterious wooden box and found a really shocking truth about someone in her life.

Download Jannat kay Pattay to experience all these moments with Haya and find what was in the box.

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