Free Download Mushaf Novel by Nemrah Ahmad

Free Download Mushaf Novel by Nemrah Ahmad

PDF Download Mushaf Novel by Nemrah Ahmed. Download Novels by Nemarah Ahmed Online. Free Download Mushaf Novel from Entertainment Land in PDF Format.

Mushaf is an inspirational work of writing from an Islamic perspective that covers many of the challenges that women encounter in today’s culture, such as how relatives treat women in the absence of their fathers or guardians, as well as inheritance issues and what Islam says about how to cope with them. Mehmil Ibrahim, a college student, is the novel’s protagonist. She is the only child of her parents, and after her father died, her uncles moved into her house with the goal of taking control. Gradually, she and her mother’s position changes to that of a maid, which her mother accepts but she does not, and she wonders if she can reverse the situation. She encountered a black girl at the bus stop who told her curiously about a book in which her past, present, and future are described, so she was taken aback and stole Mushaf from her. It was her first encounter with the Holy Quran, and she grew enraged because she mistook it for a book of magic that could cure her illness. Then her cousin Fawad swaps her for Hamaiyon, who was a police officer who was already waiting for a witness to arrest him, but she managed to flee and enter the masjid, where she met Farishte, Hamaiyun’s cousin. Fawad was apprehended by Hamaiyun at his residence. Farishte encouraged her to learn the Quran, which she did, and she now has the answers to all of her difficulties.

Her mother died shortly after, and it is brilliantly expressed how a real Muslim should behave in times of agony and loss, based on the words of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (blessing and peace of Allah SWT be upon him). Mehmil gives dawah (tableegh) to his retired army next-door neighbor and informs him that it is Amanah. It explains a true Muslim’s behavior at times of calm and happiness when he must forgive all of his relatives’ hurtful attitudes. After her death, she discovered that Farishtey is her sister, and she is attempting to wrest their property from her uncle for the two of them. In the meantime, it demonstrates the value of the Holy Qur’an and how to make it a part of one’s life.

She informed Farishtey that she is living with Hamaiyun and that she is unaware that Farishtey adores him and that they have been engaged since childhood. Farishtey, on the other hand, makes a sacrifice for her sister and Hamaiyun by stepping aside. Following her mother’s death, her uncle pressures her to marry his son, who is devoid of character, in accordance with her mother’s wishes. On the spot, her sister Farishtey arrived with Hamaiyon and informed her that a witness to her mother’s will was required, so they both left their things and property. Farishte migrated after Mehmil married Humaiyon. Taimoor is the name of her infant boy. She was crippled for seven years after an accident one morning. Farishtey returns to look after her, but she divagates and can’t resist her feelings for Humaiyum, leading to rumors that Mehmil is having an affair with his cousin Fawad. Farishtey’s trust is shaken at this time. The Qur’an does not expose its beauties and mysteries to those whose hearts are unclean, such as those who lie, backbite, or jalousie. Her son treated her badly, and she got discouraged, pleading with Allah SWT to help her repair her relationship with the holy Quran. Mehmil opens her eyes by reading a few ayats from the Holy Quran, then Farishtey clears up all the misunderstandings, and Hamaiyun tries to turn back toward her, but she refuses. When she learned that her uncle is now in bed, she forgives him for bringing him with her and promises to look after him. Taimoor is a kind and loving young man. She raised him in such a great Islamic environment that he has blossomed into an international scholar. It must be regarded as a masterpiece by early readers.

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