Free Download Abdullah Novel – Hashim Nadeem

Free Download Abdullah Novel – Hashim Nadeem

PDF Download Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem. Free Download Urdu Novels. Download Abdullah Novel Part 1 and 2 by Hasim Nadeem in Pdf Format.

It is the narrative of Love’s circle. Sahir is a university student in his early twenties. He comes from a wealthy family. His father is a businessman. His family is fully secular, and religion is treated as a taboo subject in their home and in their culture. His friend Ainee adores him, but he is unconcerned about her feelings. He falls in love with a strange girl one day. He sent his parents to her house to request her hand in marriage on his behalf. However, he is astounded when she declines his proposal. And so his trip from Ishq Majazi to Ishq Haqeeqi begins, and he discovers a parallel world to our own along the way.

He learns that the female Zura, whom he adores, adores Abdullah, a classmate in M.A. Urdu, but Abdullah is married to another woman and does not adore her. Abdullah embarks on a long trip with Sultan Baba, a spiritual figure. He goes through so many things and encounters so many new people and situations and learns a lot of things. Finally achieves both of his loves, Ishq Haqeeqi and Ishq Majazi.

Download this Novel Abdullah by Hashim Nadeem and experience the beautiful and adventurous journey of Sahir with him.

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