Free Download Yaaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Free Download Yaaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

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Yaaram tells the story of Amraha, a simple girl who is anything but lucky, and Aliyan, a happy-go cheerful chap who loves to share the love.

Amraha reveals that no one thinks she’s capable enough to live like others and that she’s merely a bad luck charm, after becoming practically enraged with her family (and trying suicide). She chooses to study overseas after her Dada (grandfather) encourages her to build a reputation for herself by excelling in her field of study so that one day everyone will think she is as good as they are (or even better). She applies and is fortunate enough to get accepted at Manchester University to study (England).

She encounters Aliayan, a character developed by Lady Mahr (a woman with a golden heart, who has adapted many of the kids). Apart from Aliyaan, she also had the opportunity to meet (and regret meeting) Carl (arch-rival and best foe friend of Aliyaan). Carl is a problem-maker who will go to any length to make your life miserable, and you would gladly die if you were given the choice of living with Carl or dying. Amraha was also introduced to Veera (a strong Russian girl), Sai (a sincere buddy and free adviser), and a slew of other colourful individuals by Manchester University.

There isn’t anything else like it where the campus life of an international educational institute of this stature is so nicely crafted. You may enjoy practically every colour of the MU campus, from “Tweet me” (a means to borrow food from other students) to fresh student ragging, from sports week to exam frenzy. Yaaram also introduces you to the struggles of international students from diverse countries. Sumaira has succeeded in emphasising key difficulties that international students face while maintaining a sense of fun and amusement. This is what distinguishes Yaaram from the rest of the crowd.

It features those solid powerful times when Aliyaan completely ignores Amraha, and Amraha eventually leaves life forgetting terms like “pleasure and satisfaction.” On the same hand, it delivers some truly happy events, like when Aliyaan brings Lady Mahr a homemade cake for her birthday.

Yaaram shines when it shows us those passionate romantic moments between Amraha and Aliyaan, and it becomes melodramatic when Amraha leaves Aliyaan speechless for the first time by refusing her proposal. You literally want to assassinate the evil genius Carl (who reminds you of Jerry) for his infamous deeds, and you also want someone who can listen as well as Sai.

Yaaram is a book that no reader should miss. It should, in my opinion, be translated into other languages as well, so that a wider audience may read it and be aware that good Urdu writing is still being produced. Yaaram, I feel, has the potential to be turned into a stunning screenplay for television or film. Sumaira Hameed deserves a compliment for penning such a masterpiece.

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